A scalp can hide a multitude of conditions that are within the body. We are constantly being told to exercise more in order to lose weight, but exercise plays only a very small part in our daily calorie burn.


The same for hair thinning, it is often treated too quickly externally.


Hormones are one of many culprits behind weight gain, together with not maintaining a healthy ph balance within our bodies.The symptoms can often show on the skin, especially the scalp, embarrassing dry, itchy, red scaly patches, and often hair thinning, can be as result of our bodies being out of balance.

Most women constantly fight against their hormones, or in other words, their hormones are in constant stress causing the metabolism to come to a standstill, and often causing lots of symptoms that create a ripple effect in our bodies,  hair and sleep patterns. 

Sue McLaughlin, hair specialist and Salon owner, recommends one of two a microscopic hair test, one  which can give a wealth of information regarding your overall wellbeing and is sent off to the laboratory.The second Test that Sue offers is a scalp analysis using a microscopic light, which will determine which products will benefit your hair or scalp problem.

Sample strands of hair are collected and sent to the laboratory for analysis. A comprehensive report is then compiled detailing what foods are affecting you, the deficiencies that might be causing your symptoms, and any other underlying issues that may be of concern.

Sue explains that it’s a 3 month programme that she recommends for hair, and health and they can easily work in harmony together. Once the programme has been completed using the detox, build and nurture ethos, then everyday foods, plus a maintenance programme is all that should be required to maintain it. Sue has a wealth of knowledge in this field, and supports your consultation by guiding you through the process.

Once the laboratory report is received, Sue then offers you a range of achievable solutions, including a complimentary consultation with the in-house nutritionist, who will guide you to your choice of remedy.

Sue, a highly experienced hairdresser, and a La Biosthetique specialist, is a member of the prestigious BRCP (British Register of Complementary Practitioners). Her passion is optimum hair and scalp health, particularly where this relates to all aspects of thinning, and hair-loss.

If you are interested in the test to determine the health of your hair or personal well-being, then why not book yourself in for your annual hair and health check, and take advantage of our introductory price of £129.50 it could be life changing.The microscopic light test is £45.00.

To arrange an appointment, please call or email:

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Sweeney Todd Director, Sue McLaughlin, is a hair loss and hair thinning specialist,  She has helped many clients improve and repair their hair using state of the art analysis and diagnosis. Click below to learn more about her approach.


To book an consultation with Sue please call

01386 553320 or email hairloss@sweeneytoddsalon.co.uk.


Appointments are available Tuesday-Saturday.

£45 consultation fee of which £20 is redeemable against any specialist hair loss/thinning prescription products purchased on the day.

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