Sue has been my hairdresser for over 20 years her knowledge of hair, treatments and products is really amazing and I have always been delighted with her results.


Six years ago during my chemotherapy Sue helped me enormously, firstly dealing with my hair loss and then with buying and wearing a wig, again her knowledge and understanding gave me the confidence to not only wear a wig but actually enjoy it!  


Now I'm back to 'normal' Sue monitors the condition of my hair and regularly recommends products and styling that will work for me.  I have recently undertaken the hair test and this was very revealing, the follow up that Sue undertakes is informative and helpful.


I simply can't thank Sue enough.


After years of struggling with Hair Loss ,Mood Swings ,Weight Gain terrible skin ,tiredness and numerous trips to the doctors to be told nothing was wrong,I decided to have a hair test as offered at Sweeney Todd.


The test highlighted that I was deficient in lots of things, but Cows Milk intolerance? I had no idea? This took a lot of digesting as I drank lots of milky coffee on a daily basis, and I then realised how much dairy I was consuming elsewhere too.It's in everything I was eating ,including my favourite snacks etc.

I decided to try and follow the recommendations given to me hoping things would improve my health's I had nothing else to lose. 

Three months later I feel like a new woman and the confidence is still growing I can't believe how much my skin, my hair and my weight has changed over such a short period of time ,at least two dress sizes !And I only gave up cows milk. 

I have been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes earlier in the year too! I'm hoping this will be a thing in the past once my new lifestyle really kicks in.

Sue has supported me by helping me with hair tonics plus dietary advice that helps me to take my life and get it back into a healthy balance .It's still early days ,but the evidence is here, and I feel years younger already.It could be a life saver for me as my family health history isn't great, and usually starts with diabetes

After a very stressful time and going through the menopause my hair was thinning badly and it was lifeless as well as seeing my scalp.It knocked my confidence &self esteem and thought all my hair was going to fall out.When I met Sue her caring professionalism made me feel at ease and she reassured me that she could hep me.She gave me the support I needed & immediately started me on different treatment to help fix my scalp and make my hair grow back. No matter how low I felt she always encouraged me with her caring manner.The products she uses are great but I know I still have some way to go but with Sue's guidance &knowledge my hair will improve as well as my confidence which I am so grateful for. 

Thanks Sue 


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